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What people are saying about their experience with Mr. Nice

  • “I traveled with the Mr. Nice Team across America for a web video project and throughout I can unequivocally state that Ami is a consummate pro. She is creative, diligent, organized and funny as hell. If you have the opportunity to work with Mr. Nice, don’t be a fool- leap toward it.”

    — Jen M.R. Doman, Executive Producer Essence Magazine Online —
  • “Communication is always the largest hurdle in any project. Ami Armstrong has the ability to articulate musical direction in a way that streamlines the creative process, which is invaluable to an artist. Her positive and direct energy make our collaborations so fun that I forget I am working!”

    — Mark Ephraim, Composer —
  • “Ami’s ingenuity and on the fly decision making kept production moving and fun when others would have fallen apart. As an actor, directors/producers are often the ones to be pleased and sometimes feared, but In this case, she was another person on set to collaborate and play with, day after day, in high intensity situations. So much fun!!”

    — Clayton Froning, Series Winner, The Rider Challenge —
  • “I shot a lot projects at all budget levels, but for whatever reason something about the combination of people Ami brings together on hers make any limitations seemingly melt away. From the top to the bottom we all feel totally supported by her. She is a positive presence on set, which always helps diffuse any stressful situation –something not always common with producers.

    — Seamus Tierney, Cinematographer —
  • I’ve worked with the Mr. Nice Team on a number of projects and they always run smoothly, which is a RARITY in this industry. Ami is a queen of organization and able to be graceful on the fly. Her depth of industry knowledge is a godsend and her sense of humor never fails. All in all, THE BEST.”

    — Anne Walls, Producer/Director —
  • “Never underestimate the power of a producer who makes work enjoyable.”

    — Fran Giblin, Line Producer/UPM —
  • “During production, her thrift and ingenuity consistently impressed me.  Somehow she achieved production values befitting a budget ten times the size of ours.  Ami’s sunny disposition and deep sensitivity to artists made her a joy to be with on and off the set.  In myriad ways her pluck and diverse skill set steered the project to success..”

    — Tatiana Blackington, Screenwriter —
  • “Ami Armstrong’s approach to producing combines the pragmatic assessment of a realist with the optimistic vision of a dreamer.  She manages the neat trick of being a joy to work with while maintaining her position as a tough negotiator.” 

    — Jordan Bridges, Actor —
  • “A rare blending of creative wisdom and financial integrity, mixed with a no bullsh*t yet supportive demeanor.” 

    — Rob Hauer, Cinematographer —


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